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Stomach Problems? Here's an Offer You Can't Refuse-Olive Oil!

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The Corleone family in the movie The Godfather had a business called Genco Olive Oil Import Company. Now, I don't know if the fictional Corleones ever suffered from an ulcer or two, but my guess is they knew olive oil helps prevent stomach ulcers. And boy, could they use help with that!

We've known for years that olive oil is great for heart health, but now a new Spanish study suggests virgin olive oil may also help prevent ulcers. Tests have shown the antioxidant compounds found in virgin olive oil are effective against H. plylori bacteria. These bacteria infect the lining of the stomach or upper small intestine, and are responsible for millions of cases of gastritis and peptic ulcers every year.

So just how much olive oil do you need each day? The USDA Food Pyramid suggests five to six teaspoons a day of oils from plants for women and six to seven teaspoons a day for men, which is never a hard task because olive oil is so versatile. Use it on meat before grilling, toast nuts with it, or whip up some deliciously healthy hummus with olive oil. And don't forget, you can also drizzle it on bread, baked potatoes, vegetables, salads and soups for added flavor and health benefits!

My favorite olive oil reccomendation is a ChefMD®-approved glistening gazpacho soup.

It's low-calorie and refreshing, and takes just 10 minutes to prepare. Try it today for good heart health and added protection, against ulcers.

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