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Immune Boosters: Sunshine and Salmon

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Some people call vitamin D "the sunshine vitamin" since we produce it when sunlight hits our skin. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh call it an immune booster, but most people in the US are vitamin D deficient.

In a new study of pregnant women in their first trimester, researchers found those with low vitamin D levels had more bacterial vaginosis. That's the most common vaginal infection in women and very dangerous to the health of the unborn child. Vitamin D protects the immune system and helps you fight infection, including less bacterial vaginosis.

Cod liver oil is one of your best food sources of vitamin D, but we won't go there, and not just because it has too much vitamin A for you. Instead, consider vitamin D fortified dairy and nondairy products or salmon. Both taste good, have vitamin D inside and will give your immune system a boost!

If you're looking for a great dish with lots of vitamin D, try my ChefMD-approved easy, healthy and quick Sesame Salmon with Mango-Avocado Salsa. The salmon gives you a good dose of vitamin D, not to mention heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids. And the mango gives this dish a sweet, fresh, tangy flavor. Try it, you'll like it!

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