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Fishing for Happiness

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The next time you've got the blues, go fishing! Catching–whether at the market or in a stream–omega-3 rich fish can help lift your spirits.

New research analyzed the diets of more than three thousand men and women over a period of a decade. People with the highest levels of omega-3's (EPA and DHA, found in fish) in their bloodstreams had the lowest risk of depression. The results were especially powerful for women. Women who ate the most fish had a 25 percent lower risk of depressive symptoms. When the fish was high in omega-3's it boosted the benefits even more.

If you wonder which type of fish provides the most omega-3 fatty acids, wild Pacific salmon is always a good choice. My ChefMD®-approved easy, healthy and quick Lemon Salmon and Navy Bean Salad is light, fresh and delicious. The taste alone will make you happy!

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