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Diabetics can get better blood flow with cocoa

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Do you have type 2 diabetes? Then there's a good chance you may have, or develop, impaired blood vessel function. So why not reach for some delectable, dark chocolate? It can help!

Recent research has found further evidence that the flavanols in cocoa (no, flavanols don't "flavor" the chocolate–they're beneficial phytochemicals) have a beneficial effect on the FMD of your blood vessels. FMD stands for flow-mediated dilation, and measures the ability of your blood vessels to relax and just let things, well, go with the flow. The researchers compared diabetic people, all on medication, drinking cocoa beverages with different flavanol levels. Those consuming more flavanols had larger increases in FMD.

Remember, some chocolate and cocoa processing removes flavanols, so go with cocoa powder that is not Dutched when you put it into recipes

Want to kick off your day with a sweet treat that boosts your energy and keeps that blood flowing and keeps your blood pressure under control?

Let some unsweetened, not Dutched cocoa powder complement smooth, creamy strawberry kefir and sensuous silken tofu in my ChefMD®-approved Dark Chocolate, Dark Coffee Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie, a great way to get going in the morning!

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From: gfgrannie

I don't do any soy, what can I use in place of the tofu ?


From: antonio

Please explain me what do you mean by "not dutched" cocoa powder.

From: lieast

I've heard of Dutch cocoa, but didn't know what it was either, so I looked it up online and found an explanation at this site:
My question is, how can I be sure that what I buy isn't Dutched? Will Dutch cocoa always say so prominantly on the front of the container?

From: CookyLee

From: CookyLee

What is Dutched Cocoa? What is Alkali? Is it deleterious to our health? Does it kill the polyphenols? ...Flavanols?
I've been using Hersheys Special Dark 100% Cacao powered cocoa but I see the Ingredients list states that it is blended w/Dutched cocoa and made w/ Alkali! ThnX

From: patelpuja

From: patel puja

I have heard about dutch cocoa powder But i want to know more deatils. so i looked the explanation on site is dedicated to publishing the best cookie recipes.

From: patelpuja

thanks for saying benefits of cocoa ia a manufaturer of
cocoa and baking powder.

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