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Tomatoes KO Cardiovascular Disease

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Saying to-may-to versus to-mah-to is a lot more fun than saying "cholesterol" and "cardiovascular disease", isn't it? Want to reduce cholesterol so you lessen your chances of having to deal with cardiovascular disease? Eat more tomatoes! They help lower LDL ("lousy") cholesterol levels, helping to lower your chances of getting cardiovascular disease, which causes about half the deaths in Europe and one-third of the deaths in the United States.

A recent study in Finland published in the British Journal of Nutrition tracked 21 volunteers who either consumed a high-tomato diet (an ounce of ketchup and just over 13 ounces of tomato juice daily) or a no-tomato diet (none at all) over a three-week period. Those consuming the high-tomato diet were found to have a 5.9% decrease in overall cholesterol levels and a 12.9% decrease in LDL ("lousy") cholesterol levels. That's a knockout!

But a plain old tomato isn't fun to bite into, especially in winter. Instead, chew on meaty sun-dried tomatoes in my ChefMD®-approved recipe for Sun Dried Tomato and Mushroom Muffuletta Sandwiches! It's a fun and delicious way to keep your lousy cholesterol low and your heart healthy.

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From: dvgoad

That's it, I'm planting a cherry tomato plant!

From: RavenShdw3

I heard that tangerine tomatoes have the highest lycopene content. Does anyone know if this is true? I've just planted 12 tangerine tomato plants!

From: DaisyBelle

I love tomatoes. But I heard that you get a lot more benefit from cooked tomatoes than raw ones, as the cooking process increases the lycopene. :)

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