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Sweet News: Tell Your Kids' Colds to Buzz Off with Honey

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Is your little one or teen bothered by a nagging cough? Try honey! This sweet, natural ingredient our buzzing friends with the stingers make has been used for various medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

Recent medical research of honey versus cough syrup shows honey the clear winner. A single bedtime dose of dark buckwheat honey—½ teaspoon for kids ages 2 years to 5 and up to 2 teaspoons for teens—soothed throats better than dextromethorphan cough syrup. Kids with colds had fewer, less severe cough, and better sleep—and their parents did too!

For something tasty and soothing, try my ChefMD®-approved recipe for Honeyed Chinese Chicken Breasts, offering up lean, center-of-the-plate protein with the cough-calming effects of honey. Delicious!

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