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Fish Oil Doses Hard to Swallow?

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Think the best way to get your omega-3 health benefits for your brain and your heart is through a supplement? Not necessarily! Let your food work as medicine. In most cases, food works better than supplements to deliver healthy ingredients that keep you going. Plus, your favorite foods fill you up and deliver nutrients that work together.

Most recently, a new 16-week study among pre-menopausal women revealed that eating fish increased their red blood cell levels of omega-3 fatty acids faster and as well as taking a supplement. Just 2 servings of fish per week were as good as 1-2 fish oil capsules per day. And fish tastes better, too!

Oily fish like wild salmon and red snapper offer a multitude of health benefits, are mercury-free and their ability to deliver omega-3 fatty acids to your system is unsurpassed.

Want a great fish dish that keeps you swimming in healthy omega-3s? Snap up my ChefMD®-approved recipe for Barbecued Red Snapper with Spicy Red Beans & Brown Rice! A little spice, a little rice, beans and barbecue sauce and delicious red snapper. A great kick for your taste buds and your health!

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From: Lazurii

For vegetarians trying to get DHA, there are vegetarian supplements derived from micro-algae, the same place oily fish get their DHA.

From: jis4judy

Hi I take fish oil capsules because i really don - t like fish especially salmon.
I do like lobster and shrimp occasionly eat tuna from a can..

From: Lakshmiheart

Hi Lazurli,

I am wondering the same thing. I have been using Udo's DHA from unrefined algae. Please let me know if you get this question answered. Thanks.


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