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Tall, Dark and Good for You: Improved coronary blood flow is the latest health benefit of dark chocolate.

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Researchers are finding more and more reasons why dark chocolate is good for you. A new study from Japan recently delivered to the American Heart Association confirms that dark chocolate helps improve coronary circulation.

How does dark chocolate do this? It turns out that the flavonoids in dark chocolate can help your coronary arteries to dilate and let more blood flow. This helps to keep your circulation healthy, making things a little easier on your heart. In scientific terms, this is known as keeping your CFVR up—your coronary flow velocity reserve. Aren't you glad you asked?

Now remember, we didn't say any chocolate: the beneficial flavonoids in dark chocolate, which are a type of plant chemical called cacao polyphenols, are not present in significant amounts in milk or white chocolate.

Dark chocolate, with all its goodness, is a key ingredient in this ChefMD®-approved recipe for Chipotle Mole, which spices up any dish with a Mexican flair!

It's a terrific slightly sweet, rich and spicy sauce that goes great with lean pork, fish or turkey. So let the dark chocolate make both you and your heart smile!

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