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Rev Up the Pinto: Beans are good for your heart.

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Looking for something to drive down Good Health Boulevard? Try a Pinto. No, not the much-maligned self-immolating vehicle made famous in the 1970s. Pinto Beans!

A brand new study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that adults who consumed at least one serving of pinto beans every day for 12 weeks had significant reductions in cholesterol.

A key portion of the study dealt with people suffering from metabolic syndrome, which has been linked to an increased risk for type-2 diabetes. Metabolic syndrome affects an estimated 32% of adults in the US and about 15% in Europe.

The cholesterol decrease among pinto bean-eaters was primarily the LDL (lousy) cholesterol, which is great news. Pintos also reduced the HDL (good) cholesterol, but that loss can easily be recovered with other foods in your diet. The study concluded that eating pinto beans can improve lipid profiles, which means a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Various beans, including the pinto, are good for you on so many levels.

They lower cholesterol, deliver fiber and vitamins, and serve as a good source of protein, especially for vegetarians. That's why my ChefMD®-approved recipe for Two Bean Chili with Onions is so healthy - and it's a hearty, tasty meal, too! So get the Pintos going and head in the direction of a happy, healthy heart!

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