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Eat More Trees: Broccoli removes "lousy" LDL cholesterol and lowers heart disease risk.

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One way cholesterol can't affect your heart is if it can't get to it.

Researchers from the University of Hawaii have found that the cancer-preventing chemical in broccoli can also be good for your heart.

Scientists studied the compound called indole-3-carbinol in broccoli. Once you eat broccoli, I3C forms, and starts a chain reaction of slowing. It decreases the production of lipids in the cells, including triglycerides and cholesterol esters.

Unfortunately, broccoli seems to be one of those good-for-you foods that many people—especially children and former US President Bush—like to avoid.

But here's a little secret—a little barbecue sauce adds a new dimension to the tender trees. Try this ChefMD®-approved recipe for barbecue broccoli sandwiches. It's quick and healthy-- a tasty and fun way to get more broccoli into your diet and show cholesterol the door. Enjoy!

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From: westgl

My wife and i tried this it was excellent!!!

I can eat this often,

I could also eat this without the English muffin

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