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ChefMD® recipes are all about healthy cooking, and new medical research constantly gives us more reasons to love our "food as medicine" ingredients. Find out what healthy ingredients are providing newly-discovered health benefits here, along with ChefMD® recipes that bring these benefits to you!

Immune Boosters: Sunshine and Salmon

Read the Tea Leaves for Healthier Gums

Orange You Glad You Eat Your Fruits and Veggies?

Fishing for Happiness

Your liver won't whine when you drink wine

Diabetics can get better blood flow with cocoa

Going "Green" after a workout can help you to a "Tea"

Mothers-to-be: eat salmon for the omega-3s

Folate for Fatherhood? A new study finds benefits for potential dads, too.

Tomatoes KO Cardiovascular Disease

Sweet News: Tell Your Kids' Colds to Buzz Off with Honey

Fish Oil Doses Hard to Swallow?

Nothing Forbidding About Them: Eating apples during pregnancy helps reduce asthma risk in children.

Tall, Dark and Good for You: Improved coronary blood flow is the latest health benefit of dark chocolate.

Rev Up the Pinto: Beans are good for your heart.

Eat More Trees: Broccoli removes "lousy" LDL cholesterol and lowers heart disease risk.

Seeing is Believing: Nutrient in zucchini lowers risk of age-related macular degeneration.

Calming Kids with ADHD: Omega-3 fatty acids help improve behavior.

Mom's Right: Eating lots of fruit is good for you, improving bone health and reducing osteoarthritis risk.

Update on Soy: Isoflavones linked to decrease in prostate cancer risk.

Milk: The New Beverage of Choice for Younger Women Who Want to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Popeye Was Wrong: Spinach has more folic acid than iron, and its flavonoids can help lower ovarian cancer risk.

All nuts are not created equally!

Find Your Thrill with Blueberries: This Super Food Helps Prevent Colon Cancer

Stomach Problems? Here's an Offer You Can't Refuse-Olive Oil!

In a Bad Mood? Eat More Salmon! Omega-3s are Good for Your Heart, and Your Brain.

Roasting Tomatoes Helps Increase Lycopene Absorption and Reduce Cancer and Heart Disease Risk

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Wine, Without Drinking a Drop!

Eating Broccoli & Tomatoes Together May Slow Cancer Growth