About ChefMD®

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ChefMD® was born at the intersection of Food and Medicine. Physician and professionally trained chef Dr. John La Puma and Rebecca Powell Marx, a journalist, marketing executive and medical television producer formed ChefMD® LLC as a health and media company to show health-conscious consumers how to choose and cook delicious meals that help prevent disease, shed pounds and leave you feeling great.

ChefMD®'s vision is a health-driven lifestyle which offers a powerful new way for health-conscious consumers to eat and enjoy food--as medicine, too.

ChefMD®'s mission is to inspire health-conscious consumers to look, feel and actually be measurably healthier with what they eat.

ChefMD® offers culinary medicine: the revolutionary new art of selecting and preparing menus, meals and recipes that help prevent and control common health conditions while exceeding your wildest expectations about flavor and satisfaction. Culinary medicine means delicious foods that can work like medicine, with restaurant-quality flavor.

An award-winning healthy-lifestyle Web site, features Dr. La Puma's free healthy recipes, taste and culinary medicine tips, all with broadcast quality video. The site is also the online home for his new book ChefMD's Big Book of Culinary Medicine (Crown, April 2008). Other media produced using the ChefMD® name include newspaper columns and television programming.

Get in the kitchen and release your inner physician. Cent'Anni! May you live 100 years!

About Dr. La Puma

John La PumaJohn La Puma, M.D. is cofounder of ChefMD® and a board-certified specialist in internal medicine. He has pioneered the idea of food-as-medicine that's tasty, including delicious eating plans for osteoarthritis pain relief, weight loss, cholesterol-lowering, anti-aging and childhood obesity.

Dr. La Puma is a best-selling author. His first general audience book became a New York Times best-seller, The RealAge Diet: Make Yourself Younger with What You Eat; his first cookbook became an Amazon #1 Cookbook, Cooking the RealAge Way: Turn Back Your Biological Clock. Both are published by HarperCollins and co-authored with Michael Roizen, MD. Dr. La Puma contributed recipes to the New York Times #1 best-seller You the Owner's Manual.

Dr. La Puma is a popular speaker, and has given over 400 lectures to professional groups and 300 lectures to educationally-interested audiences as a keynote speaker. He has also been a consultant and spokesperson for companies such as CIGNA, Caremark and Kraft. He has appeared on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, PBS and CNN outlets. The New England Journal of Medicine, the Encyclopedia Britannica, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times have published his work. USA Today, Prevention, Reader's Digest, Parade, and Newsweek have featured his work as well. RealAge has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Today, and hundreds of others.

Dr. La Puma is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the College of Creative Studies and the University of California, Santa Barbara, and graduate of the Baylor College of Medicine. He performed his residency in internal medicine at West Los Angeles Veterans Administration Medical Center and UCLA, and completed the first postgraduate fellowship in general internal medicine and clinical medical ethics in the U.S., at the University of Chicago. Dr. La Puma is the author or co-author of over 50 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 150 other contributions to the medical literature and 3 medical books, including a CME book.

Formerly a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Chicago, Professor of Nutrition at Kendall College's School of Culinary Arts, Dr. La Puma cooked once weekly at James Beard-award-winning Chef Rick Bayless' Topolobampo and Frontera Grill in Chicago for almost 4 years. Dr. La Puma also graduated from the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago (now a Cordon Bleu school) in Professional Cooking, and taught the first Nutrition and Cooking Course for Medical Students in the U.S., at SUNY.

Dr. La Puma still practices internal medicine, using the ChefMD concept to motivate his patients. Repeatedly named "One of America's Top Physicians" by the Consumers' Research Council, and called a "Secret Weapon" by The Wall Street Journal, Dr. La Puma was honored with the National Association of Medical Communicators 2007 "Award of Excellence". He is based in Santa Barbara, California. Contact Dr. La Puma directly here.

About Rebecca Powell Marx

Rebecca Powell MarxRebecca Powell Marx is co-founder of ChefMD®, as well as a writer, television producer, and marketing executive. She is the Series Producer of Health Corner, as seen on Lifetime and Lifetime Real Women every Sunday morning.

For the last ten years, Rebecca has produced medical television programming and award-winning, successful strategic marketing programs for many national health care clients. She is a solid speaker and has addressed audiences as large as the International Association of Shopping Centers annual convention.

Rebecca graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Ecology with an emphasis in Journalism.

She became interested in Dr. La Puma's work after he appeared as a guest on the television show she produces. She kept asking the same question about a multitude of illnesses, "What do you eat for that?" That curiosity about food came about because of her Dad's valiant fifty year struggle with juvenile diabetes. When Rebecca met John La Puma, as she likes to say 'at the intersection of food and medicine', she knew with her marketing background and with Dr. La Puma's unique blend of physician-chef, they could help people who had the same type of struggles as her Dad.

Together, Rebecca and Dr. La Puma formed the company ChefMD® to help people answer the question, "What do you eat for that?" The company is dedicated to people everywhere who have the courage to smile and be joy-filled, even when their bodies are failing due to specific medical conditions.

"Together, we created 'culinary medicine', a revolutionary new art and science that deliciously prevents and heals what ails you. Food will never be the same again. It will be, as it should be – fabulous, flavor-filled food that works like medicine."